These pictures are heart-breaking – painfully so. But we post them here nonetheless because they speak so poignantly to the reason for MSI’s existence. 

There is a tragic story behind each picture. Not a single pilot involved in these accidents decided to go out and destroy a perfectly good airplane and the lives of those within. But the accidents happened anyway. Whether it was due to bad weather, a mechanical issue, poor judgment, a lack of training, a passenger distraction, complacency, a medical issue, a bad airstrip, a disregard of standards, or any of a host of other reasons, every one of these accidents could have been prevented with advance warning. The people involved would have intervened to stop the accident before it ever happened. If only they had known…

But that’s what we do! MSI identifies an aviation program’s risks and where they are most vulnerable to tragic loss. Then we work with them to help them manage, minimize or even eliminate those risks. The Return on Investment in time, effort and money is huge if even one fatal accident is prevented. It is an investment well worth making in order to keep Kingdom dollars in ministry rather than being spent on cleaning up after an aviation accident.

Why do we do what we do? Look at these photos again – the answer is painfully obvious.

What Others Are Saying...

"MSI has long been a trusted source of input as we have sought to carry out the mission of MAF in a safe and God honoring manner. The MSI team is highly experienced and well aware of the unique contexts that surround the mission aviation environment, and they are adept at blending that expertise with a gospel-centered worldview."

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