What we do

What We Do...
    and don't do

We don’t fly the airplanes,
    We help pilots fly them safer.

We don’t give aviation programs an operations manual,
    We give them the tools to create one which meets their specific needs.

We don’t fix the airplanes,
    We help mechanics use best practices to accomplish their work.

What Others Are Saying...

"Since I first began working with missionary aviation nearly two decades ago, I’ve been humbled by the professionalism and dedication shown by the leaders, pilots, and support teams. Working in the most demanding environments on earth, they stay true to their mission and approach risk in ways most corporate flight departments and airlines could learn from. Mission Safety International has led the fight for safe mission accomplishment and continues to keep safety top of mind for these pros, as well as those they serve at the far ends of the world and in the heavenly realm. I hope to continue to be able to work closely with MSI for as long as the Lord allows!"

Our Mission

To promote safety and effectiveness in missionary aviation for the glory of God.

Disaster can strike in any number of ways when pilots fly into challenging airstrips in remote locations. Runway mishaps, refueling errors, armed robbery, and poor decision-making are just a few of the ways an aviation ministry can be put out of operation. But there’s hope—and help—coming from MSI:

How We Do It...

Safety Audits

Safety Audits are one of the most important services MSI provides. A select team of aviation professionals is sent on location to inspect, observe and interview the staff. The resulting report highlights the things that the organization is doing well, but also identifies areas needing improvement and makes recommendations on how to make effective changes.

Video Library

Our growing video library of seminar presentations provides a ready source of inspiration and education for individual or corporate learning. On-line safety officer and SMS training will soon be available to let staff train on-location at their own convenience instead of spending valuable time and resources traveling to training sites.

Safety Seminars

Safety seminars take staff out of their normal routine so they can to focus on matters that can make a critical differences in the safety of their operations. Experts from the greater aviation safety world lead participants through sessions dealing with all aspects of aviation safety. Host organizations often invite local government and commercial aviation agencies to attend MSI’s seminars thereby fostering better relationships and connections.

On-Site Accident Investigations

When an accident or incident occurs, MSI can assist with investigations. Experts are on call to deploy anytime and anywhere. Follow-up reports provide not only accident analysis, but also accident prevention recommendations.


Newsletters, mishap summaries, and other educational materials are published on a periodic basis. MSI maintains a Members Only on-line knowledgebase containing a wealth of resources.

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