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For MSI, prayer isn’t a last resort, it’s what undergirds our whole ministry. God works through the prayers of our spiritual supporters to provide insight beyond human eyesight, understanding in the midst of confusion, wisdom when confronting harsh realities, and the right words in season. Will you commit to being a prayer warrior for the eternal success of our work? Contact us for regular prayer updates.

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Preserving Kingdom resources is part of MSI’s DNA. Our efforts keep ministry funds in ministry instead of cleaning up the physical, emotional and spiritual damage which results from aircraft accidents. Investing in MSI’s work results in a life-saving difference in the lives and ministry of missionary aviators.

Become an MSI Ministry Sustainer by contributing regularly to our work or supporting one of our staff. Or take the next step and become an MSI Ministry Builder by undergirding one of the new projects under development.


If you have the expertise and a desire to make a difference, MSI can often provide opportunities to utilize your talents and experience in a missionary aviation context.

Volunteer Opportunities


We love people who are passionate about minimizing loss and maximizing effectiveness in missionary aviation work. Let us know if you are willing and able to share news about MSI’s work with those in your sphere of influence at church, work, school or small group. 
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